Welcome to the Peel Blog

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to The Peel Blog.

The 6 artists who have been chosen for this journey are scattered across the country, spanning multiple provinces & cities.

This is a space that not only lets us interact with each other across the country, but let’s us engage with you too.  So stay tuned! As the artists and crew will be posting updates, personal thoughts, reflections and stories about their progress, this is your chance to ask questions, meet the artists and become involved more deeply.

So join the conversation, ask questions and leave your thoughts as we prepare to depart in August to begin filming The Peel documentary.

Calder Cheverie
The Peel Team – Director


  • Tony and all of your friends, have a safe trip, be careful, and of course there will be lots of pictures, We will be following you on your journey. What a great adventure..

    Love Grama and Grampa

  • What a blessing to have met such wonderful young energetic people, I want to thank you again for the time and energy you all have put towards helping us Gwich’in people to PROTECT THE PEEL. I sure enjoyed meeting you all and you don’t know how much you inspire us to continue to work for our people. I hope you enjoy your trip back home and thank you again and also to your parents, they have done a wonderful job.

    Anita Koe

  • What a wonderful message to receive Anita! It was an incredible blessing for us to have met you. From the moment we first met Ernest & Alice until we jumped in the vehicles to drive back south, we felt such incredible warmth from yourself and the Gwich’in community. It has been a safe trip back home for all of us, but I know for a fact (at least for me) that we’re already talking about when we can next be back up to visit.
    We’ll keep you posted on everything as the project unfolds and can’t wait to meet again soon!

    With love,
    Calder & The Peel Team.

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